Monday, August 6, 2012

My New Sewing Chair

This is my new sewing chair. And I think it pretty cute!
 I use to have my sewing machine in my dining room; because that was the only place I had room for it. But after the girls moved out I was able to take over one of their rooms.  But that left me without a chair. I was using a folding chair but that doesn’t wasn’t working out to well.
So I found this chair at a garage sale for $3. What a deal! And I decide to reupholster it. How hard could that be?
First you need to take the chair apart.
Take out all the staples holding the old fabric on, saving all the pieces.
Then using all the pieces as a template cut out all your new pieces with the new fabric.
I chose to add a new padding and batting to make the chair more comfortable. Cut the padding a little bigger the seat; that way it will fold over the seat.
Then using a staple gun; stable the corners first, pulling tight, and then the sides.
Trim off the excess and then stable on the new bottom cover.  
Repeat with the back of the chair.
The back is actually two pieces. I did the front part just like I did the bottom seat part. The only thing different that I did was that I used brads to nail the two pieces back together.
My staple gun also uses brads how cool is that.

And now I have a beautiful new chair to enjoy!

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