Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Knitted Acorn

I know it is a strange thing to knit; and yes it does take up space. But I think it is super cute, and I just love it. My knitted acorn!

I saw this on Pinterest! That has now become one of my favorite sayings. Will that is exactly where I saw this acorn and I just knew I had to make.

I showed Brandy the pin (that is a way of saying saved it on Pinterest) and I asked if she could find me a bowl at her job. She works at a store called Home Goods, and if you have never been to one you need to go.

Will she found a bowl the very next day, yes she only found one? She really wanted to find two bowls because now she also wanted to make one also.

She told me that she was going to knit herself a Scrat so that he could steal my acorn from me. If you don’t know who Scrat is then you need to watch Ice Age.

Will I am happy to say that my acorn is safe because Brandy has found herself a bowl also.
Here is the site that I found the acorn on Tried & True. I rewrote the pattern a little. But all the credit goes to her. I had to change the number of rows to knit the make my acorn long enough. You might have to do the same because of the bowl size and the weight of yarn that you use.

Knitted Acorn

Worsted weight yarn
Size 9 double pointed needles
Small wooden bowl (small hole drilled in center)

Cast on 45 sts on 3 dpn, join to knit in a round
Knit 28 rows
Begin decrease rounds:
Row 29: K3, K2tog, repeat
Row 30: Knit
Row 31: K2, K2tog repeat
Row 32: knit
Row 33: k1, K2tog repeat
Row 34: K2tog repeat

Break yarn and run needle through loops on needles and pull tight to close after stuffing the body of the acorn.

 Acorn stem
Make I-cord
I made a 6 stitch I-cord about 5 inches long. You can find knitting help all over the web I like the ones on youtube.
Pull stem through hole in bowl and glue the acorn body to the inside of bowl.

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  1. Well, isn't this clever of you! I don't knit but I do crochet and I have a stash of these wooden bowls've inspired me to try this and soon. Love the way yours came out!!


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