Friday, May 29, 2015

Hanging Towels and Hot Pads

A lot has happened since a last posted. I am now a stay at home Nana the best job in the world! I have also started selling my crafts and such on esty. I am always making something, my hands never seem to stop. Even if I am watching a movie or my granddaughter Marley I always seem to be knitting or crocheting something. But what to do with all these things that I keep making hence the etsy shop!
The first they that I listed on my shop are my hanging towel and hot pads. I have been making the hanging towels for years, and have giving them out as gifts to family and friends. The hot pads came about when I went to a quilt show and saw a lady demonstrating how they are made, and just new that I had to make some for myself. I also found a link on pinterest if you are interested in making some for yourself. If not you could always find them in my shop!