Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunny Face Cake

I really enjoy learning new things.  But sometimes when I do I can go a little over board, especially when it comes to crafts. That is how I came across this Wilton Multi- purpose pans. A few years ago I took a few cake decorating classes at Michaels. By the time I was done I practically owned everything in the Wilton aisle at Michaels good thing I had a lot of 40% coupons. I ended up buying a lot of stuff from eBay too, that is how I came across this Wilton Multi- purpose pans. Good thing I also taught Brandy and Ariel how to decorate cake too. That way I have someone to leave all these cake pans to.

This pan is really cool, some of the inserts date back as far as 1974. I have learned that there is about 12 inserts in all.
 Today I decided to use the bunny insert, after all this cake is for Easter.

The pan only uses one box of cake mix!

But it is only a single layer, so I decided to cut the cake in half to make two layers.
 I like using this cake slicer because it makes the layers even.

I made two different butter cream frosting for the cake one is a vanilla butter cream which I also added food coloring to, and the other is a chocolate butter cream. You can fine the recipes for the frosting's on my cooking blog Stefanie's Cooking Spot.  I used the chocolate butter-cream between the layers and on the sides of the cake.

and the colored butter-cream for the top.