Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hats for Charity

I am now going on 7 years of being cancer free. I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004. I remember how hard it was to find hats that I liked, because I didn’t like wearing a wig because I thought that it was too itchy. So I was always looking for soft comfortable hats. And that is why I decided to make some hats for Halos of Hope.
My first hat that I made is called the Simplest Cap of All. I wanted something simple, fast and easy. And that is exactly what I found in this pattern. Thanks you to Judy Gibson the designer.
Simplest Cap of All
The next hat Handspun Ribbed Hat is also a very simple pattern I found this one by looking at different sites on the web. It is very easy to knit but I did get a little bored knitting the rib stitch for 9 ½ inches. But it is a cute hat and I know someone will enjoy it!
Handspun Ribbed Hat
My third hat that I knitted was the Hurricane Hat by Andrea Goutier. I like knitting this one it wasn’t boring I like watching the pattern unfold. This is a very beautiful patter. I was told by a woman who saw me knitting it that I do very nice work. I like it when something so simple looks so impressive when I am knitting.
Hurricane Hat
I have a few more hats that I am working on for Halos of Hope and I will be posting those soon!