Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Knitted Acorn

I know it is a strange thing to knit; and yes it does take up space. But I think it is super cute, and I just love it. My knitted acorn!

I saw this on Pinterest! That has now become one of my favorite sayings. Will that is exactly where I saw this acorn and I just knew I had to make.

I showed Brandy the pin (that is a way of saying saved it on Pinterest) and I asked if she could find me a bowl at her job. She works at a store called Home Goods, and if you have never been to one you need to go.

Will she found a bowl the very next day, yes she only found one? She really wanted to find two bowls because now she also wanted to make one also.

She told me that she was going to knit herself a Scrat so that he could steal my acorn from me. If you don’t know who Scrat is then you need to watch Ice Age.

Will I am happy to say that my acorn is safe because Brandy has found herself a bowl also.
Here is the site that I found the acorn on Tried & True. I rewrote the pattern a little. But all the credit goes to her. I had to change the number of rows to knit the make my acorn long enough. You might have to do the same because of the bowl size and the weight of yarn that you use.

Knitted Acorn

Worsted weight yarn
Size 9 double pointed needles
Small wooden bowl (small hole drilled in center)

Cast on 45 sts on 3 dpn, join to knit in a round
Knit 28 rows
Begin decrease rounds:
Row 29: K3, K2tog, repeat
Row 30: Knit
Row 31: K2, K2tog repeat
Row 32: knit
Row 33: k1, K2tog repeat
Row 34: K2tog repeat

Break yarn and run needle through loops on needles and pull tight to close after stuffing the body of the acorn.

 Acorn stem
Make I-cord
I made a 6 stitch I-cord about 5 inches long. You can find knitting help all over the web I like the ones on youtube.
Pull stem through hole in bowl and glue the acorn body to the inside of bowl.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My New Sewing Chair

This is my new sewing chair. And I think it pretty cute!
 I use to have my sewing machine in my dining room; because that was the only place I had room for it. But after the girls moved out I was able to take over one of their rooms.  But that left me without a chair. I was using a folding chair but that doesn’t wasn’t working out to well.
So I found this chair at a garage sale for $3. What a deal! And I decide to reupholster it. How hard could that be?
First you need to take the chair apart.
Take out all the staples holding the old fabric on, saving all the pieces.
Then using all the pieces as a template cut out all your new pieces with the new fabric.
I chose to add a new padding and batting to make the chair more comfortable. Cut the padding a little bigger the seat; that way it will fold over the seat.
Then using a staple gun; stable the corners first, pulling tight, and then the sides.
Trim off the excess and then stable on the new bottom cover.  
Repeat with the back of the chair.
The back is actually two pieces. I did the front part just like I did the bottom seat part. The only thing different that I did was that I used brads to nail the two pieces back together.
My staple gun also uses brads how cool is that.

And now I have a beautiful new chair to enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

My New Knitting Basket

The word organization, I don’t know if that word fits very well in my life, especially when it comes to knitting. I seem to have it all over the place.

I decided I wanted one of those knitting basket like our grandmothers to have, but where would I find one this day and age.
And like always when I want to find something out I start by looking l on the internet. And I found a tutorial for one at Canadian Living that I liked. 
 And with a little persuasion on my part, Richard helped me with cutting the wood pieces and drilling of the holes.

I found this really cute material on clearance at the fabric store. And because the pattern that I found didn’t have a liner I added one and a few pockets inside.
After staining the pieces I was ready to assemble the basket.
The instruction called for use to glue the pieces together, but we decided to use screws instead, which made it easier to assemble.
The hardest part about doing this was making sure that the dowels were in their right places.
And now I have a cute basket to hold my knitting in.

It even folds up so that I can put it behind the end table when friends come over.
I also would like to share this little bowl that I found at Michaels. Richard stained it for me. I keep it by my side of the couch so that I can toss my little stitch markers and such in. But mostly so that when Richard finds my little knitting stuff (that I have lost around the house) he has a place to put it.