Monday, June 27, 2011

What should I do with such a bounty?

What should I do with such a bounty?
A few months ago I was wondering what to do with this small plot of land in my back yard. There used to be an orange tree there, but the fruit was always bitter. Yes we did feed it citrus food as directed on the plant food bag and it did get lots of water. I was also told to leave the fruit on the tree longer. But everything we tried all this tree would produce was bitter oranges.  It also became a home for ants. So we took it out, and the little plot just sat there waiting.

I was thinking about turning it into a rose garden; so that I could have fresh roses in my house every day. We went to Lowes so that I could pick out some rose bushes and as we were walking into the garden shop I saw all the vegetable plants on display. I told Richard let’s turn it into a vegetable garden instead and we can set it up with a drip system so that the sprinkler could water the plants.
So we bought two tomato's, a bell pepper, a summer squash, a zucchini and three cucumbers plants. Well that was back in May and now my garden has grown and it has produce its first little bounty.

Now back to the question of; what should I do with such a bounty? I know I will have one of most favorite things to eat!
A tomato sandwich!

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