Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Little Storm Cloud Shawlette

I just took this shawl off my needles yesterday and today I have put something new on them. That’s the way goes when there is too much yarn and so little time! Now about this little shawlette.
I had a hard time getting started on this shawl in the first place. Not that it was hard to knit, it's was just that I couldn't decide which yarn I liked best. I started with SKK Ovation which is a kid mohair and this was my first time knitting with such a fine yarn. I was having a hard time with this yarn because it keeps falling off my needles. Then I switched to a Patons lace yarn and then I decide I didn't like the color change so I took that out and then I went back to the mohair determined to get the hang of knitting with this yarn, I glad that I did. It floats just like a cloud.
You can find this shawl pattern on Ever Green Knits. I love this little shawl so much that I will be making another one soon. But first I have to finish a few more projects.

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