Sunday, June 12, 2011

My First Knitting Projects

A little over a year ago I started knitting again. Will I can't really say again when I never really started the first time.
 Way back when I was a little girl growing up in Newport News Virgina, my stepmother Gen started taking knitting and crochet classes. And I asked her to teach me and I was thrilled that she did. You see I love making things.
I inherited this gift from my Nana.
When I along with my brother Robert and sister Robin would go an visit our Nana and D-Daddy during the summer my Nana would teach me how to sew on her old Singer sewing machine and let me tell you that was a chore in it self. She won this sewing machine when she entered a sewing contest when she was a teenager.

You see it has the foot peddle, you know you had to pump it with your feet just right. Its the only kind she ever used and I'm proud to say that I now own her sewing machine today.
 When we would visit she would take us shopping and let us buy something  special, I would always pick out needle point kits. You know the ones that have the X's and lines in blue that would wash out after you finished your project. I would make pillow cases and doilies that she would help me sew lace on with that Singer of hers.
Now lets get back to me taking a knitting class last year. The reason that I had to take the knitting class was that I couldn't remember how to. I knew how to crochet that stuck with me but for some reason or another I forgot how to knit, so I took a few classes and away I went.
The first thing that Elizabeth our instructor had us make was a scarf. After that she had us making dish clothes, slippers, hats and bags.
 I learned how to use double pointed and circular needles. How to do cabling and how to felt. By the time I was done I made my first sweater.
Will like I said that was over a year ago and I have knitted quite a few things sense then and in future postings I will be sharing those project with you but for now here is my first scarf and hat.
This is my daughter Ariel and this happen to be one of her favorite hats. She took it from me when I made it and she has been wearing ever sense.
I added the crocheted flower because I ended up with a hole in the hat. I didn't know why then, but I now know I did a yarn over.
Live and learn how to hide your mistakes!

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