Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Better Late Then Never

I had a very busy Labor Day weekend, I was able to finish a lot of projects that I started, some from years ago and some I just never got around to doing or kind of just forgot about them.
 I was going through some of the boxes in my sewing/craft/multi-purpose room and I came across a few things.
I embroidered this pillow when I was 18 years old, my that was along time ago. Richard and I used it for years in our home, but it got dirty and I didn't know how to clean it so I unstuffed it and washed it and never got around to re-stuffing it until now. I had been planning on changing the ruffle also but decided to just keep it the way I first designed it, why change it now when this was how I wanted it all those years ago!
I made this cross stitch sometime in my 20's but I could never find a frame. But the other day I found one at Michael's on clearance for $4.99 and can you believe it, it fit!

I was planning on making this valance for my garden window 5 years ago, and I when I came across it in my material box I sat down and got to work. And what a difference in how it makes my kitchen look!
And yes I did finish the sock boots that I told you about in my last post! They were a very easy knit, most of the work was already done for me I just had to knit the ankle parts and sew them together to the foot!

I also got around to sewing the buttons on my Iced Sweater that I knitted a couple of months ago. I wanted a big baggy comfortable sweater to wear with everything and that is just what I got!
I am still not sure about the placement of the buttons I might move them up a little. Hopefully it won't take me years to do it!




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  1. Looks like you were very busy. Did you make those boots for me????? :)


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